phonon5 and the media sources

Casian Andrei skeletk13 at
Thu Oct 24 14:07:09 BST 2013

Proposal draft 2

About the Source class and control units:
A. Source has control units
B. Can attach control unit to Source
A or B?

List of SourceControl classes (pick your preferred names):
class AbstractSourceControl OR SourceControlUnit OR SourceControl OR
 - property (R): bool active
 - property (R): source maybe?
 - parented by source?

class VideoSourceControl
 - property (R ): QList<enum> availableMenus
 - property (RW): int currentMenu

 - property (R ): int chapterCount
 - property (RW): int currentChapter

 - property (R ): int angleCount
 - property (RW): int currentAngle

 - property (RW): bool autoplayTitlesEnabled
 - property (RW): bool currentTitle
 - method: void previousTitle()
 - method: void nextTitle()

 - property (RW): bool subtitleAutodetectionEnabled
 - property (R ): QList<Subtitle> availableSubtitles
 - property (R ): Subtitle currentSubtitle
 - property (RW): QString subtitleEncoding
 - property (RW): QFont subtitleFont

 - property (R ): QList<AudioChannel> availableAudioChannels
 - property (RW): AudioChannel audioChannel

class AudioSourceControl
 - property (RW): int trackNumber
 - property (R ): int trackCount

class VideoDeviceSourceControl
 - property (RW): VideoCaptureDevice device
 - property (R ): bool audio
 - property (RW): VideoRes resolution
 - ...

class AudioDeviceSourceControl
 - property (RW): AudioCaptureDevice device
 - ...

class AbstractMediaStreamSourceControl OR MediaStreamSourceControl OR
StreamSourceControl (does this make sense?)
 - ???


After we finish this I will attempt to begin implementing the following
days. We can still change stuff afterwards.
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