phonon5 and times

Casian Andrei skeletk13 at
Fri Nov 15 07:32:01 GMT 2013

2013/11/14 Harald Sitter <sitter at>

> for phonon5 we can:
> a) keep it and rename it to timeUpdateInterval (to align with rename of
> tick)
> b) drop the interval; always use >=100 msc updates
> c) drop the interval; always use ~100 msc (if VLC is ticking faster
> than that we go <100)
> d) any of b) or c) AND when nothing is connected to timeChanged() no
> ticks will be generated in general == no resources consumption
> (QObject::connectNotify) AND time() does not access cached values but
> will lead to a direct pipeline query
> I'd go for either b+d or c+d, with more inclination towards c+d. Faster -
better... but depends on how much resources it uses for 10 times/sec freq.
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