Problems compiling Phonon for Qt5

Harald Sitter sitter at
Sat Nov 2 15:46:24 GMT 2013


On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 3:50 PM, Paul Morris <paul at> wrote:
> I’m currently upgrading our Qt4 app to Qt5, and to keep the save level of
> multimedia support we have currently I’d prefer to stick with Phonon rather
> than switch to QtMultimedia (which loses support for most video formats due
> to the switch from DirectShow to WMF).

Please note that we only support VLC on Windows (which in turn uses DX
for output, but just pointing that out).

> I’m trying to compile the project that I downloaded from
> but
> not getting very far. So I wondered (a) is there a pre-compiled version? (as
> there was back when Phonon was bundled with Qt);

Nope. phonon4qt5 has not yet been released officially.

> and (b) if not, is there an
> idiot’s guide that anyone can point me towards?

> I’ve installed CMake and I think everything’s set up correctly, but it’s
> tripping up on “FindQt5DBus.cmake” – and it doesn’t make any difference if I
> check PHONON_NO_DBUS. Do I need to install Qt5 DBus? I assumed not as it’s
> listed as optional.

Hard to say anything without a build log. But it is definitely not
falling over dbus, I just tried and cmake completes just fine even if
dbus is not present. If you could show us the entire cmake output I am
sure we can identify the problem.

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