phonon 5 backends, interfaces and their compatibility

Casian Andrei skeletk13 at
Tue May 28 07:05:28 BST 2013


2013/5/27 Harald Sitter <sitter at>

> I personally believe this to be a bad idea as it makes it more confusing
> what you can expect from a version of phonon and in its current
> implementation even causes runtime overhead due to many casts. at the same
> time running against an old backend will render phonon not working (though
> I suppose we can detect that and display a warning), so this is also not
> making my heart smile.
> also in practice this did not work out as intended as numerous internal
> cmake changes made old backends not build with a new phonon so it's
> effectively useless right now
> thoughts?
> should we keep trying to retain this compatibility feature for backends or
> drop it?

It's some of that bunch of stuff from phonondefs_p.h, right? [1]

Too complicated, and like you pointed out, not much benefit, if any.

Drop it! Make it go away :)


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