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Matěj Laitl matej at
Sun Mar 3 01:13:57 GMT 2013

On 3. 3. 2013 Harald Sitter wrote:
> > Allow editing song metadata in the information panel in the audiocd
> > kio slave.  So someone can click on, say, and mp3 song, the metadata
> > will show up in the information panel, and the user can double-click
> > (or click a button next to the text) to modify it, either for one song
> > or all.  If this isn't a big enough project, perhaps also support more
> > formats, or even use phonon (I am not sure phonon is really suitable),
> > and/or integrate replaygain support (or some sort of volume
> > normalization).
> > 
> > Integrate libkcddb and nepomuk-metadata-extractor.  Combine the
> > features of the two to create a single nepomuk-based CD metadata
> > handler.  Probably whoever does this should be in tough with the
> > Amarok and kid3 developers to try to make the system usable by them as
> > well.
> -1 from Amarok developer(s).
> Why if I may ask?

 a) "information panel" seems to refer to Nepomuk's FileMetadataWidget 
embedded in Dolphin. That widget was IMO never intended to edit the files. 
Dolphin is not a tag editor and shouldn't be IMO.
 b) audiocd kio slave  ||  mp3 song  ||  information panel. There three have 
no relation at all, e.g. KIO shouldn't be used to edit tags at all, this would 
be convoluted and just plain wrong.
 c) "integrate libkcddb and nepomuk-metadata-extractor" hmm, sounds nice, but 
how? What would Nepomuk attach the metadata to? Just to the currently inserted 
CD? What would be useful about it when you have the metadata already available 
from cddb?
 d) "Probably whoever does this should be in touch with the Amarok (...)" this 
triggered my -1, as such mishmash wouldn't be useful at all for Amarok.

Todd have perhaps missed this 

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