Fwd: pulseaudio w/ VLC backend vs GStremer backend observations.

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Subject: pulseaudio w/ VLC backend vs GStremer backend observations.
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I am using pulseaudio with 2 sound cards. I thought I'd share with you
some observations i made comparing the two phonon backends.

I want amarok to use my second digital sound card, and I want system
sounds to go to the analog device.

Using the Phonon VLC back-end, I can direct Amarok to the proper
device via veromix or pavucontrol, but if I don't have that same
device as my default sink, then after each song, amarok reverts to
using my default sink saying it has a higher priority for this

I can move amarok back to the correct device and it switches back
after each track. Very frustrating. I can't seem to force amarok to
stick to the non-default sink.

So I switched from using the Phonon VLC backend to using GStreamer
backend. Now I can see 2 different devices from the Phonon Settings,
and I can choose which one I prefer for system sounds vs music, which
is nice.

So I guess GStreamer works much better with my combination of sound
cards and I will use that for now.

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