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as discussed previously there is now a transitional library for qt5 called
phonon4qt5 and lives in a branch of the regular phonon git repos (pending

phonon4qt5 is a 100% source compatible version of phonon4 that builds
against qt5. it is directly derived from master and as such should be kept
in sync whenever a change applies to both.

phonon4qt5 is meant to be as unintrusive as possible. in particular it has
a different soname (phonon4qt5) and include paths (prefix/phonon4qt5/) and
can be installed along side regular libphonon.

the cmake magic still talks about phonon, so you still
use phonon_INCLUDE_DIR and the likes to keep transitional changes to a
minimum. to that extent all that should be necessary for an application to
transit from libphonon to libphonon4qt5 is changing find_package from
phonon to phonon4qt5 (please note however that you must add the include_dir
to your includes as otherwise the headers may not be found - previously
with phonon often residing in /usr/include this would have worked even when
not explicitly adding it).

along with the library come special versions of the backends, also in
phonon4qt5 branches respectively. those are also straight ports to qt5.
the gstreamer backend still has some video issues but those are supposed to
be fixed before the first release. however please take not that since there
is no kde platform plugin at this time only libphonon handles backend
loading and phonon takes whatever it can find first.

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