Phonon BackendCapabilities::availableAudioOutputDevices() returns empty list

Christian Esken esken at
Wed Dec 18 16:56:57 GMT 2013


I am trying to find the existing audio devices known to Phonon. I am 
trying to use BackendCapabilities::availableAudioOutputDevices() in 
KDE4.11.3, but this simply returns an empty list. "kcmshell4 kcm_phonon" 
shows all devices, so its not a generic issue. As background 
information, I want to get the actual device name from Phonon, and then 
match it to the Mixer devices in KMix (e.g. "hw:0 => hw:0" in ALSA or 
"/dev/dsp1 => /dev/mixer1"  in OSS).
Do I need initialization code (the tutorials made me think that I do not 
need it)? Does anybody has advice?


// This is the first Phonon call in my code:
         QList<Phonon::AudioOutputDevice> devs = 
         if (devs.isEmpty())
             return;   // Always returns!!!

         Phonon::AudioOutputDevice& dev = devs[0];
// ...

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