phonon5 and device management

Casian Andrei skeletk13 at
Wed Dec 11 19:59:02 GMT 2013


The old device management mechanisms from phonon4 look to be overly
complicated for what phonon5 needs (things have changed from the times when
phonon4 was developed).

We need a more simplified design imo.

Old functionality:
- devices are generic objects (ObjectDescription)
- device objects are passed around between the platform plugin and Phonon4
and between the backend and Phonon4, so Phonon4 centralizes the available
objects and gives them to the kcm, for example.
- generic objectDescriptionIndexes() in backend and platform plugin
- generic objectDescriptionProperties() in backend and platform plugin
- GlobalConfig was an important part of this

Proposed functionality for Phonon5:
- each device type with it's own class (derived from DeviceDescription)
- only the backend gives devices
- no more platform plugin
- no more generic objectDescriptionIndexes/Properties()
- methods like QList<AudioOutputDevice> audioOutputDevices() for passing
from the backend to Phonon5

Pulse stuff should be handled by the backend, I guess.

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