Patch to re-enable vorbis-support in audiocd-kio

Felix Tiede info at
Thu Sep 27 15:53:35 BST 2012


as per mpyne's request from
I propose my patch to audiocd-kio for review.

This patch relies on libvorbisenc version 2 or newer to build the vorbis 
encoder plugin. libvorbisenc is, according to's repository, itself 
about 10 years old.

The version is still checked by cmake and if it is too old, the vorbis 
encoder plugin is not built. I have removed all conditional compiling from 
the plugin in favor of this configure-time check as I doubt there is still 
an installation of libvorbisenc older than those ten years.

I am not sure which is the minimum version of cmake to create 
HAVE_LIBVORBISENC2 variable, my cmake is v2.8.9 and does so.

Kind regards,
Felix Tiede
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