Review Request: Phonon five merge and cleanup

Jon Severinsson jon at
Sat Oct 20 19:25:05 BST 2012

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Review request for KDE Frameworks and Phonon.


This patch is a cleanup patch that makes the "five" branch compile after merging master into five.

The merge this patch is based on includes my two patches "Port from QAbstractItemModel::reset() to QAbstractItemModel::(begin|end)ResetModel()." and "Fix build without OpenGL.", but the patch should work without them if they get rejected.

This is the first step in getting Phonon five running on Qt5, so the KDE_NO_PHONON hackery can be dropped from the kdelibs framework branch, but at this point Phonon five will still only work on Qt4, further patches are comming :)


  Mainpage.dox 82b96ad 4e46016 
  doc/CMakeLists.txt 24476d6 
  includes/CMakeLists.txt 7f88f08 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/AbstractVideoDataOutput c019215 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/AudioDataOutput 06d181d 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/SnapshotInterface 5e59306 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/VideoDataOutput 9878ccf 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/VideoDataOutputInterface 870f683 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/VideoFrame 97c137e 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/VideoFrame2 29d1af9 
  includes/old/Phonon/Experimental/Visualization b5aab38 
  includes/phonon/AvCapture 15e92c5 
  lib-descriptor.xml.cmake fe8a0d6 
  phonon/CMakeLists.txt d0f6dde 
  phonon/abstractvideooutput.h b44ceb2 
  phonon/backendcapabilities.h 0e8f7ec 
  phonon/phononnamespace.cpp 88e38e0 
  phonon/ 08a33c2 




Jon Severinsson

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