Phonon Five: Plugs and Sockets

Bart Cerneels bart.cerneels at
Tue Nov 20 12:47:48 GMT 2012

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 2:39 PM, Harald Sitter <sitter at> wrote:
> Having done some random work on the Phonon Five API these past couple of
> days, I came to realize that we probably need two rather important classes
> that were not mentioned at all up until now...
> MediaNodePrivate & MediaNode in Phonon 4 did not only enable the graph
> building they were more importantly providing base classes for the pluggable
> object (backend objects are managed/held by MediaNodePrivate) as well as the
> API comprising frontend object (MediaNode).
> We most likely need exactly the same for Phonon Five. Most importantly
> because we most likely want to have a solid base class to have all frontend
> objects hold a backend object (short of using void *).
> So here's the simplest version...
> class AbstractionPlug
>   AbstractionSocket *qptr
>   QObject *m_backendObject
> class AbstractionSocket
>   AbstractionPlug *dptr
> With the Player class you then get:
> Player : public AbstractionSocket {};
> PlayerPrivate : public AbstractonPlug{};
> If better names come to mind, please share ;)
> Note that the current MediaNode foo also holds object destruction tech which
> may be necessary for Phonon Five too (except as the API is right now,
> objects are no managed at all... so I left that out ;)).
> HS

Not having written any backend I can't comment on the need for these
classes themselves. But I do like the names. Quite self-documenting.

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