[Bug 300217] Phonon does not recognize KDE default settings (keeps switching back to HDMI input in hardware)

Colin Guthrie colin at mageia.org
Thu May 31 14:50:48 BST 2012


--- Comment #5 from Colin Guthrie <colin at mageia.org> ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> However, I beg to differ about he sound card selection.  The first page
> (tab) allows you to set ordering, but the second page (2nd tab, Audio
> Hardware Setup page) that I'm referring to in my steps is the one that
> selects which device is used for various outputs.  I am sure that is what it
> does because changing the output device as I described is what fixes or
> breaks it.

There may be a problem of terminology here, but I guarantee you (as the author
of that Setup page and as upstream PulseAudio maintainer) that the pane
mentioned does not adjust which devices are used where. It does,however, allow
you configure in which mode a given sound card operates. e.g. whether you want
5.1 Analog Output or Digital Stereo Output etc. It is perfectly conceivable
that this is not working correctly and not being restored on login. If that is
the case, it's certainly not a KDE problem, however I'll help you debug and we
can then direct the bug report to the appropriate place.

So, what I suggest is this:
 1. Fresh boot. Things are probably broken in this state according to your
previous descriptions.
 2. Take a screen shot of the default category priority list pane. Just so I
can see the devices (which ones are present and which ones are greyed out etc.
 3. Grab the output from "pacmd ls"
 4. Now fix things up as you see fit using only the Audio Hardware Setup pane.
 5. Take a second screen shot as per step 2.
 6. Take a second dump from "pacmd ls".
 7. Attach the four files (2xscreens, 2xtext) here.

I should be able to tell from that exactly what changed and where to look for
the underlying problem.

All the best

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