[Development] qtphonon's status.

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Mon May 21 13:20:03 BST 2012

On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 10:28 AM,  <frederik.gladhorn at nokia.com> wrote:
> after talking with Phonon developers quite some time back, it was agreed that Phonon would be using the qt-project infrastructure (the idea was to have them use either KDE or qt-project).
> All seemed happy, until it became clear that we would require the CLA for new contributions for Phonon if it's hosted with qt-project.org.
> Since then it has come to a stand-still I belive. I have the feeling that development will continue on KDE infrastructure, but I'd like to hear from the Phonon people themselves, also regarding their plans for Qt 5.

Right. We (upstream) wanted to move to qt-project, however due to CLA
madness this is on hold. Legal's argument was that having both non-CLA
and CLA project would be confusing, which did not make sense to
neither Oswald nor me since Phonon is LGPL and thus the CLA would
achieve nothing. A request for clarification remains unanswered, which
is the reason Phonon still lives on KDE infrastructure.

At a KDE sprint last year it was agreed that Phonon Five will remain
"mostly source compatible(tm)" with Phonon 4. Particularly since
Phonon's mission is to provide stable API the plan is to keep
compatible as much as possible.


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