KDE Multimedia svn to git migration

Trever Fischer tdfischer at fedoraproject.org
Tue Mar 27 20:28:20 BST 2012

A few weeks ago I finished the repositories and gave everyone a period
of time to review them. The only significant issue brought up was the
zillions of branches and tags from kde-i18n, which I'm working on fixing

I'm setting a date for executing the migration: April 03, 2012 (next

The night before, I'll start the final run of svn2git (it takes a very
long while). Try not to push anything major to svn, as the commits might
get lost. Once it is finished, I'll push the repos to git.kde.org. I'll
send out mailspam once that is all done. Afterwards, I'll go through the
repos and make any needed changes so that they can compile independently

Currently, I am filling out the sysadmin repo requests. If I miss a
maintainer somewhere once all this is up on projects.kde.org, let me
know sometime.

Feel free to drop by #kde-multimedia and ping me on IRC if there are any


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