Phonon GStreamer 4.6.0 released

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Fri Feb 17 16:20:01 GMT 2012

On 17/02/12 17:48, Trever Fischer wrote:
>> Gapless now works with my Vorbis tracks. Was waiting for this for ages,
>> thanks for supporting it finally! It doesn't work with my MP3 tracks
>> though, even though I encoded them with LAME which outputs MP3s that
>> offer gapless playback and it even works with non-Phonon players.
> Odd. I have a set of MP3s that work just fine.

It seems to "sort of" work.  The gap is much smaller than previously, 
but a very short gap is still there.  I was using foobar2000 (with Wine) 
before, and it plays the same MP3s with absolutely no gap between them.

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