Phonon-VLC howto for Qt4.8

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Tue Dec 25 19:47:17 GMT 2012

Hi Jean,

Yes, I did remove the DirectShow dll. The only DLL in the phonon_backend
folder is phonon_vlc.dll:

I also copied the plugins folder. What's is strange to me is that, even if
 the library has been remove (phonon_dsp9.dll) I can see references to it
when profiling the app through DependencyWalker.

I must be missing something obvious here, but I just don't know what :(.



> On 24 Dec, yoanis at wrote :
>> I'm building a Windows app which displays video files (MOV/MP4 files to
>> be
>> more specific). Since the default DirectShow backend it's quite
>> unreliable
>> (or it's but only if you have the appropriate codecs package installed),
>> I
>> have decided to switch to the phonon-vlc backend. However, I'm a little
>> bit loss of what's required to make my Qt app work with the phonon-vlc
>> backend.
>> I've Google a bit, and from what I get all I need is to drop the
>> phonon_vlc.dll on the phonon_backend folder, and then drop the plugins
>> on
>> the plugins folder (alone with some more DLLs on the app's root dir).
>> That
>> did not work out for me, and after running Dependency Walker it looks
>> like
>> my app is still trying to load the DirectShow backend. Do i need to
>> compile/link my app agains phonon-vlc?
> Did you remove the directshow dll ?
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