Change the kmix increase/decrease volume granularity

Denilson Figueiredo de Sá denilsonsa at
Tue Aug 7 00:37:44 BST 2012


I'm using KDE 4.8.4 on Ubuntu 12.04. When I use the volume keys on my
keyboard, Kmix changes the volume in steps of 5%.
Unfortunately, that's not granular enough for me (it jumps from "too
low" to "too loud", missing the desired in-between volume).

I wish to change the granularity of the volume change. How can I do that?

Gnome 2 had a hidden gconf option that was what I needed. It seems to
be gone in recent versions. And I couldn't find an equivalent in KDE.

As workaround, I could remap those keys to run a command-line script
that would call Kmix, but for that I need to know the "qdbus"
command-line that tells Kmix to change the volume (and by "change", I
mean "increase 2%", and not "set to 15%").

(yeah, I can use other tools like alsamixer, but those won't have the
OSD when the volume is updated)

Thank you.

Denilson Figueiredo de Sá
Belo Horizonte - Brasil
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