KDE Multimedia is now on Git!

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri Apr 6 00:47:55 BST 2012

On Wednesday 04 April 2012 9:44:35 PM Trever Fischer wrote:
> Howdy, all.
> A few hours ago I finished pushing the last of the kdemultimedia repos
> to git. If you try and update subversion, you'll find most of the
> sources gone and replaced with a simple README.
> The git URLs for kdemultimedia can be found at each project's page on
> projects.kde.org
> https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdemultimedia
> Feel free to shoot me a mail or hit me up on IRC in #kde-multimedia if
> there are any problems.

I had to fix a couple of minor things to get libkcddb and audiocd-kio to build.
nothing major.

however there is a .kcfgc file missing in mplayerthumbs and strigi-multimedia looks busted.

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