Need help on video output using gstreamer

Yogesh Marwaha yogeshm.007 at
Fri Oct 14 07:29:03 BST 2011


I'm coding a media player using KDE/Qt and GStreamer (directly, no
Phonon). So far it is going good.

Now I'm adding full screen video mode and was toying with an idea of
having QGraphicsView and adding video widget and other widgets to it.

Idea is very similar to as implemented in Plasma::VideoWidget (No
special handling seems to be there, though it uses Phonon). But
despite my best efforts, I'm unable to have video inside

On my part, I'm just adding my video widget using QGraphicsProxyWidget
and here is the relevant code regarding my video widget: -

    m_pVideoWidget = new VideoWidget(m_pVideoSink, mAvailableVisualisations);
    gst_x_overlay_set_window_handle( GST_X_OVERLAY(m_pVideoSink),

Apart from above, there is no special code w.r.t. VideoWidget.
Everything is fine as long as I'm not using QGraphicsView.

So, I request the Phonon-gstreamer developers to guide me what I am
missing. (Understanding whole Phonon-gstreamer only for this seems
overkill to me).


Yogesh M

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