Randa: GIT migration plan for KDE Multimedia

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Sun May 29 11:49:52 BST 2011

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 12:08 PM, Christian Esken <esken at kde.org> wrote:
> Am Montag, 17. Januar 2011, 01:34:04 schrieb Michael Pyne:
>> On Wednesday, January 12, 2011 14:31:12 Ian Monroe wrote:
>> > So we should move to Git. Its what folks are doing.
>> >
>> > What do people think? Luckly Nicolas Alvarez that I have CCed to this
>> > email (PovAddict on IRC) would do most of the work involved. There
>> > would need to be some cmake-tweaking to make each app build on its
>> > own, but it should be pretty straightforward.
>> Well, we should go ahead and see if we can get a conclusion to this. I
>> personally would probably prefer a non-split repository. However I could
>> certainly live with a split one, and to that end I have some ideas of how a
>> split repo would be setup:
> Hello,
> the discussion of the kdemultimedia GIT migration seems to have subsided in
> January because there was no real consensus.
> Personally I do not care so much about split/non-split, as it is the
> repository maintainers and the distributors that are much more affected. My
> assumption is that several distributors would welcome this step as they ship
> the KDE MM as separate packages since years (openSUSE, Ubuntu, Mandriva). Not
> all do this though, e.g. Fedora if I understand that correctly.
> It is time to come to a conclusion. So we should talk in Randa to some of the
> guys that are more or less affected, like sebas. I also see Raphael Kubo da
> Costa listed with the topic "buildsystem", so lets find him in Randa too. :-)
> If reach no final decision we will at least have a "master plan" how to
> proceed and when to finish.


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