Phonon problems in Debian

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Sun Jan 23 13:18:31 GMT 2011

'Twas brillig, and Thiago Macieira at 19/01/11 23:05 did gyre and gimble:
> On Wednesday, 19 de January de 2011 22:12:32 Colin Guthrie wrote:
>>> How do you detect if PA is used?
>> I just attempt to connect to the PulseAudio daemon. If I get a
>> connection it's there, and if not, it's not. It's quite simple really.
> Except, of course, when PulseAudio is running (it starts itself) but audio 
> routing is done via ALSA straight to the kernel.

Not sure I follow your point here...

High level "routing" (e.g. which applications/application-type use which
devices) is all handled by PulseAudio (the Phonon config is just really
a frontend to adjusting the priority lists in PA). All ALSA-only
applications should be configured to use the "default" ALSA device which
is configured as the ALSA->PulseAudio plugin.

Of course ALSA is still used by PulseAudio to actually send the audio to
the device (except in the case of Bluetooth, Apple Airtunes, RTP, and
Native PulseAudio Network Tunnel Sinks, which are handled differently)



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