Phonon problems in Debian

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Mon Jan 17 19:12:42 GMT 2011

On Sunday 16 January 2011, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Regardless of how you feel about PA, I don't think anyone has complained
> about this tidy up!
I've never used it, but the list is a complete mess on my system. I currently 
have six entries, which is the same two outputs duplicated 3 times using 
different name schemes. I have nember used PA, and don't have the daemon 
installed (only the libraries).

> AFAICT the device detection stuff is done via a phonon "platform plugin"
> it is this plugin that actually talks to Solid and (I think) uses
> libkaudiodevice. I didn't personally look at this much because (as I
> said above) I totally bypass the platform plugins when PA is used,
> avoiding all the resulting issues therein!
How do you detect if PA is used?

> No this is just the device list. The "backend" itself is one of
> GStreamer, VLC or Xine (but Xine is more or less dead these days).
Interesting. I have been unable to use Phonon for video for a few months, but 
it started working again yesterday after I deleted the Gstreamer and VLC 
backends (the backend selector is blank and apparently not working). GStreamer 
has been able to play some few audio files, but no video, and VLC consistantly 
crashes when used (this is on debian using the official VLC and GStreamer 
packages). Forcing Xine to be used by completely removing alternatives seem to 
make video work again and also made it possible to play non-MP3 audio files 
again, both of which didn't work with GStreamer. This might be Debian specific 
issues, but I am not feeling too great about the status of Phonon.

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