kdemultimedia and svn -> git

Ian Monroe ian at monroe.nu
Wed Jan 12 19:31:12 GMT 2011

So we should move to Git. Its what folks are doing.

I think it would make sense to split up kdemultimedia into several
different modules. There's not a lot of development that goes on
between different parts of kdemultimedia at the same time, which makes
it a good candidate to give each kdemultimedia project its own git
repo. Though perhaps keeping all the kdemultimedia libraries (create a
libkdemultimedia repo) together would just make life easier.

kdelibs and kdebase-* are moving to git probably the 22 or 23 of this
month. We could move at the same time. We would move both 4.6 and 4.7

What do people think? Luckly Nicolas Alvarez that I have CCed to this
email (PovAddict on IRC) would do most of the work involved. There
would need to be some cmake-tweaking to make each app build on its
own, but it should be pretty straightforward.


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