Is phonon-vlc is still not working properly?

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Tue Dec 20 17:36:27 GMT 2011

I remember having issues a long time ago with phonon-vlc and Amarok, 
namely that seeking is very slow and fadeout doesn't work at all. 
Gapless audio also isn't working, but that wasn't working with 
phonon-xine either.

Amarok 2.5.0 is released now and it doesn't seem to work with xine 
anymore.  So I installed vlc, but I see that it's still broken with 
seeking and fadeout.  Am I the only one affected by this?  I would have 
guessed that after such a long time, this would have been fixed, so 
maybe it's just me? :-/

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