KGoldrunner still silenced in KDE 4.6

Harald Sitter sitter at
Mon Apr 25 10:53:04 BST 2011

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 7:38 AM, Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
> I could try export PHONON_GST_GST_DEBUG=5 if you like.

Certainly wouldn't be a bad idea. Those critical message should no be
there, like not at all. Could be an issue with the gstreamer in
opensuse 11.2 though.

> Finally, ldd shows that KGoldrunner is linked to
> /extra/kdedev/kde/lib/, in my development area, and that is
> a link to  I obtained phonon and phonon-gstreamer
> from anongit via the kdesrc-build script.  To see if I am picking up the
> correct phonon-gstreamer I prepended my initials to the "PGST"
> string, re-built and re-installed, and sure enough the log now says
> "IDW PGST" everywhere.

Phonon. Not Phonon Gstreamer. Those are two completely different
components, of which both generate debug output (latter of course
vastly more and former none at all in your case).

> Well, that just says I will receive no more automatic updates after May.
> Calling it end of life and legacy is like saying that graduating from
> University is end of life because you receive no more automatic updates
> to your education.

That implies that computing systems are self-conscious and intelligent
to the point where they experience urge to grow by assimilating new
knowledge on their own. Makes me wonder about the meaning of our

Do you brush your teeth? ... I suppose you can see where that is going :P

> Anyway, a lifetime of successful debugging of
> difficult problems in on-line systems has taught me that changing
> horses in mid stream rarely does more than complicate the issue.

No argument there. But seeing as I know few people who would be
willing to support legacy systems and seeing as the provider of said
system also will stop supporting it in 17 days, I do not think it will
be a terribly good use of time to try making new things work on a
system they were not made for to begin with.

>> In particular from what I have read it sounds like a "perfect" example
>> of broken driver. The fact that no one on the team has been able to
>> reproduce the problem also suggests that it is rather a setup problem
>> than an issue with Phonon or the GStreamer backed.
> I see no other evidence of a broken driver.  I do not use sound much,
> but it works when I do.  I can play video clips and TV episodes OK and
> CDs with Kaffeine or KsCD.  I do not use Amarok at all, though.

Neither of them plays short sounds in quick succession.
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