KGoldrunner still silenced in KDE 4.6

Ian Wadham at
Sat Apr 9 05:21:48 BST 2011

I have just joined this list hoping to lay this problem to rest and
this is just a test message, to check that I am not held up in
moderation before getting stuck into the problem.

The background is that, in December 2010, I discovered that
my game, KGoldrunner, would not play sounds correctly using
Phonon.  The problem was so bad that I disabled the sound
feature completely for the KDE 4.6 release.  The code, as
released, is still in that situation.

There was a thread about it in this list in January, but it was
not going far because my messages were spending days in
moderation.  Harald Sitter was helping and I tried writing to
him direct, to save time, but I think I got lost in his spam box.

Then a family crisis intervened and I have had to leave the
KGoldrunner problem in the air since late January.  Now I am
back, but having some KDE build problems.  When those are
solved, I would like to get to the bottom of what is happening to
short sounds in Phonon.

All the best, Ian W.

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