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Tue Apr 5 17:33:55 BST 2011

On Tuesday, April 05, 2011 04:22:12 Trever Fischer wrote:

> * 'MediaEncoder' is a silly name. Just shorten it to 'Encoder'. Tacking
> 'Media' onto the front of it doesn't serve any real purpose. We already
> know that phonon handles media, so connecting 'encoder' with the purpose
> of encoding media isn't a big mental leap.
I haven't thought yet about names, and I suppose it's not very important now. 
First i want to create generic description of what i will create during GSoC.

> * You actually need three parts to 'encode' a media stream: Input,
> encoding, and a muxer. Muxers take one or more encodings and combine them
> into one single output stream. An example is streaming a webcam to an
> icecast server. You encode the video to theora, audio to vorbis, and then
> combine the two streams into an ogg output via a muxer.
Should i create muxer as separate object? I think it's better to create it as 
a some part of Encoder class, so user gets stream ready for transmission or 
writing to a file.

> * Taking the above into account, the audio and video coders have some
> reference to a container format. The container is the responsibility of the
> muxer, not the encoder.

> * What 'properties' might be in the codecs? A defined interface for common
> properties isn't a bad idea, even if is a set of #define'd strings. In
> addition, using Qt's own property system instead of writing your own
> setProperties() would be a better approach. Less cruft to maintain in the
> long run.
Bitrate or sampling rate could be there. They are the properties of audio 
codecs, I suppose. Using a Qt's property system is a good idea.
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