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Wed Mar 24 06:09:16 GMT 2010

Hello Rafael,

QBuffer is not meant to be used this way.

You should define your own QIODevice, implement your own buffering (i.e. 
ringbuffer) and then you can use it the way you describe.

Optionanl AbstractMediaStream:
AbstractMediaStream is normally the class you would like to use.
But last time I used it phonon-gstreamer I had issues that 
phonon-gstreamer cannot be used asynchronusly (QT 4.4). So you cannot 
use AbstractMediaStream together with gstreamer which is anyway not 
supported by QT. But it would work with phonon-xine.



Am 23.03.2010 23:17, schrieb Rafael Fernández López:
> Hello,
> I am writing an application that requires streaming [1]. For this, I
> am using Phonon and QBuffer. I have spotted a pretty blocker problem
> at least with GStreamer backend (cannot test with other backends). I
> do use kde-qt and Phonon both from gitorious.
> I attach a simple test case, that if you feel like testing, if you
> change the PSEUDO_STREAMING you can see the problem. This example is
> not even streaming, but shows how if this doesn't work, how streaming
> will do.
> The problem itself is:
> 1. Create a MediaObject (as shown on the test, or by using
> ::createPlayer) with an empty QBuffer (or not empty, with the 20% of
> an MP3 file).
> 2. Fill the buffer completely (or the 80% that was missing).
> 3. play(). Nothing will happen (or 20% of the MP3 will be played).
> It seems it cannot accept streaming data (QBuffer being fed
> dynamically). Any ideas on this ?
> Best regards,
> Rafael Fernández López.
> [1]
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