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Tue Mar 23 22:17:01 GMT 2010


I am writing an application that requires streaming [1]. For this, I
am using Phonon and QBuffer. I have spotted a pretty blocker problem
at least with GStreamer backend (cannot test with other backends). I
do use kde-qt and Phonon both from gitorious.

I attach a simple test case, that if you feel like testing, if you
change the PSEUDO_STREAMING you can see the problem. This example is
not even streaming, but shows how if this doesn't work, how streaming
will do.

The problem itself is:

1. Create a MediaObject (as shown on the test, or by using
::createPlayer) with an empty QBuffer (or not empty, with the 20% of
an MP3 file).
2. Fill the buffer completely (or the 80% that was missing).
3. play(). Nothing will happen (or 20% of the MP3 will be played).

It seems it cannot accept streaming data (QBuffer being fed
dynamically). Any ideas on this ?

Best regards,
Rafael Fernández López.

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find_package(KDE4 REQUIRED)
kde4_add_executable(phononTest ${phononTest_SRCS})
target_link_libraries(phononTest ${KDE4_KDEUI_LIBS} phonon)

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