Phonon Gstreamer backend in QGraphicsView

Andras Mantia amantia at
Tue Mar 2 10:13:12 GMT 2010


 I try to use Phonon in QGraphicsView and it seems only the GStreamer 
backend can be used for this purpose (on Linux), with Xine all I get is 
a black frame.
 Anyway, it works, but I have a problem: the colors are messed up, red 
is used instead of blue and vice versa. It is like the data is in BGR, 
but the display is in RGB.
 I found that the code that might be doing this is in 

void WidgetRenderer::setNextFrame(const QByteArray &array, int w, int h)
   m_frame = QImage(); 
        m_frame = QImage((uchar *)array.constData(), w, h, 

If I change that to
  m_frame = QImage((uchar *)array.constData(), w, h, 

works as expected.

Obviously I doubt that this should be always done, and there is similar 
code in glrenderer.cpp (which interestingly is not used even if I use a 
QGLWidget for graphicsview). Does anyone have an idea/hint how to detect 
when should the image be swapped?


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