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Hugo Pereira Da Costa pereira at
Thu Jun 24 15:18:24 BST 2010

Forwarding to kde-multimedia and Christian, as suggested by Colin.

Since this is a bug/crash fix, it would be very nice if this (or anything 
similar) could go in trunk, before the code is branched in kde4.5
Also, possibly backported for kde4.4
It addresses bug
And there is also a reviewboard (posted to kdelibs) to


About a week ago I suggested a patch that address bug 220621 (a crash in kmix) 
(see I'd rather post it on kde 
reviewboard for reviewing, but could not find a relevant group for this. 

Since there's been no comment on this in the bugzilla page, I post it again 
here, attached.
The patch addresses the following issue: 

"_dockAreaPopup->deleteLater()" in  KMixWindow::updateDocking(), leaves the 
"parent" QWidgetAction with a dangling pointer to the widget,
until the action is actually re-created, later on in the code. 

The patch stores and deletes the QWidgetAction directly,
which in turn deletes the widget and has the advantage of not 
leaving any dangling pointer behind, thus preventing (notably) the crash above
triggered by oxygen. 

Comments/advice are welcome.


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