Subtitle API

Ian Monroe ian at
Tue Jun 29 21:59:13 BST 2010

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Martin Sandsmark
<sandsmark at> wrote:
> Hi!
> Someone wrote a patch for subtitle-loading support in Phonon some time ago,
> and the bad person I am I had forgotten it. :(
> But could anyone come with comments on the added API?:
> If nothing comes up, I'll commit it soonish, and implement support in
> Phonon-VLC too.

setAutoDetectSubtitles should be setAutoDetectSubtitle I think. Or all
the API should say "subtitles".

I'm worried that setSubtitleEncoding is a bit Xine-specific. But text
codecs suck, so perhaps there's no way around it.

Anyways, the API doc could specify that the codec names be the same as
what QTextCodec uses. So the argument should be a QByteArray instead
of QString, to match what QTextCodec expects (and why not).


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