KMix development revitalized since KDE MM meeting in Randa

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Wed Jun 23 09:45:01 BST 2010

'Twas brillig, and Christian Esken at 22/06/10 20:06 did gyre and gimble:
> Hello,
> since the KDE Multimedia Sprint in Randa I am still in a coding rush for KMix. 
> That MM Sprint was a really great meeting, wonderfully organized by Mario and 
> in a gorgeous setting (geographically). See the pictures: 
> As I didn't write any report about what happened in Randa, I'll summarize the 
> ongoing work in KMix, which is done in its own branch [1].
> - Making KMix fit for dynamic backends (Pulseaudio). This should  already be
>   much smoother in branch than in trunk.
> - Support user defined layouts (aka GUI Profiles). While this is 
>   theoretically possible since KDE4.0, it has now reached mature status.
>   See for a "KDE3-style" 
>   Playback/Capture layout (and don't be confused about the icon set).
> - Refactoring: KMix requires heavy consolidating from all the hacks gone
>   in it since the KDE4 series.
> - Optimizing: Removing "unused" code. Using better data structures, which
>   makes things faster and also the code better readable. Starting and Stopping
>   KMix feels faster now, also recreating the GUI is way faster and smoother.
> - Last one: There is now a KMix Service (kded based). It could be
>    helpful, when you want the KMix DBUS interface but no GUI.
>    This feature is targeted at a common fd.o DBUS Mixer API. It would
>    make stuff like possible. That (or any
>    other GUI) simply wouldn't have to care about the actual implementation.
>    This has happened before, with WM Spec, DnD spec, and I sincerely hope that
>    we can finally extend standardization to the Multimedia area.
>   Oh: If anybody is afraid: The KMix GUI is (currently) not dependent on
>        that kded/DBUS service.
> [1] The work branch is /branches/work/kmix/. If you have changes for KMix, 
> especially bugfixes, please let me know, so that I can integrate that in the 
> work branch.

Awesome! Great work Christian.

If you get bored with code-only refactoring, and fancy a little bit of
GUI love (you know, just for a break from code only :D) then the ability
to put a "mark" on the sliders would be really appreicated - basically a
little point where the slider "sticks" slightly when moving it with the
mouse. Not sure if this is possible with the standard GUI elements or not...

Ultimately I'd also like to have some kind of (optional as not everyone
would like it!) coloured backgrounds in the sliders (like in VLC). That
way I can warn people of the potential clipping of their output in a
relatively friendly way:

Lastly, I'll ultimately want to present the sliders in a way that would
allow volumes > 100% (or really > 0 dB). As with the Gnome UI, the
volume can be pushed up to 150% (approx +11dB via current mappings).

The above link explains more about that too.

It's definitely not essential, but if the refactoring work in any way
helps these ultimate end goals then great :D

Keep up the great work :D



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