Announce: Sweeping the KMix bug list (Spring-cleaning 2010)

Christian Esken esken at
Sun Feb 28 15:37:17 GMT 2010


I'd like to announce that I started sweeping the KMix bug list on b.k.o.

So this is a good time for looking at the bugs if you have anything important 
to add there.

This is a also a preparation for the KDE Multimedia Sprint 2010. I'd like to 
have a fresh start there. KMix  got a lot of attention lately developer-wise, 
so we can possibly also discuss some organizational stuff there.

Sweeping means that I check every bug 

1) whether it is has been fixed without being recorded on b.k.o
2) whether there is no answer on requested feedback for at least 6 months
3) whether I can fix it "right now"
4) whether it needs to be reassigned to a different component / owner

By now I checked 12 of 66 bugs, and closed 6 bugs.


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