Phonon has moved to git

Martin Sandsmark sandsmark at
Tue Feb 16 15:30:55 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 16 February 2010 16:01:12 David Jarvie wrote:
> This will result in a significant departure from the method developers
> have used up to now to fetch modules necessary for building KDE trunk.

How so?

> If kdesupport modules are going to start being removed from SVN, what will
> be the mechanism in future for people to ensure they download and build
> all the correct up-to-date support modules for building KDE trunk? Will
> there be any substitute for a simple kdesupport 'svn up', will it be
> documented on techbase, or what?

I assume you will use the same method as you do for all other dependencies for 
KDE that are not in kdesupport.

Martin Sandsmark

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