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Wed Dec 1 22:32:21 GMT 2010


A bit off-topic e-mail.

On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 11:24:39PM +0100, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas wrote :
> > The other more advanced use cases described by Pedro don't belong in Phonon.
> I am also a FluidSynth contributor, and I am well aware that VLC plays MIDI files using it.
> It is a shame that many Linux distros don't compile VLC including FluidSynth support, even when they offer a FluidSynth package.

I'll try to poke the maintainers of major distros, if people really

> BTW, KMid has two optional soft-synth configuration helpers under Linux, for FluidSynth and TiMidity++. The difference with VLC is that KMid outputs MIDI events to any hardware MIDI ports, external synth, or to any soft-synth, and using VLC you depend exclusively on FluidSynth. It is important for us (MIDI users) to be able to use hardware MIDI interfaces supported by the operating systems. This is not a new feature of KMid, it was already able to do so ten years ago.

I believe this is off-topic, but I would love to know how we can improve
that situation. But I don't see how a module couldn't solve that issue.
I'll mail you about it.

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