Phonon 4.4.3 & Phonon VLC 0.3

Harald Sitter sitter.harald at
Wed Dec 1 19:57:39 GMT 2010

The Phonon team is proud to present the releases of version 4.4.3 of KDE's 
leading multimedia API and 0.3 of the Phonon VLC backend. 

Phonon 4.4.3 comes with an experimental video/audio capturing feature and an 
incredible amount of improvements over 4.4.2, pushing user and developer 
experience to a new level of excellence.

For more information please have a look at my blog post:

Download of Phonon 4.4.3 source:

Additionally we released the Phonon VLC backend version 0.3, combining the 
superb VLC library with Phonon. The 0.3 release is tribute to the fast 
maturing of the VLC backend. While still some features are missing we are 
pretty happy with the quality and stability at this point. 0.3 comes with an 
implementation of the video/audio capturing in Phonon 4.4.3 as well as bugfixes 
and asorted improvements on experimental features.

For more information on also have a look at my other blog post:

Download of Phonon VLC 0.3 source:

Have fun!

Harald Sitter
Phonon Developer

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