KDE Sound and Multimedia Plan

Mauricio Piacentini piacentini at kde.org
Wed Dec 1 13:19:51 GMT 2010

[Sorry if this shows outside the thread, I could not reply to it as I
was not subscribed until today]

Well, I agree with the scenarios George mentioned. But there is a
caveat: once your needs are too complex and specific (like for the video
editing application mentioned) it is probably better to go for a very
specific solution as well. An example of this is Kdenlive, which uses
the MLT framework to support its editing needs.

Our basic sound and video playback needs are already fulfilled. What I
think we are missing are applications that deal basically with capturing
(audio/video). A simple sound recorder and a video/webcam recorder are
sorely needed. Kamoso might fill the webcam space when it is ready.

Wearing my kdegames author hat, I must say that one requirement we have
there is the ability not only to get sounds playing very fast when they
are triggered, but also something that would help us preload short
samples and have them ready for playback (without streaming), combined
with the ability to mix several layers of these samples with a
background track. There are no good solutions for this problem yet
afaik. KDE Edu could also benefit from something like this.

Maintenance is a problem, but it is no different from any other KDE
application or project...

Mauricio Piacentini

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