Fwd: jerkiness in video on using phonon on windows

Ian Monroe ian.monroe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 22:46:06 GMT 2009

2009/11/23 Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde.org>:
> Em Segunda-feira 23. Novembro 2009, às 22.43.01, Ian Monroe escreveu:
>> 2009/11/23 Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde.org>:
>> > Em Segunda-feira 23. Novembro 2009, às 21.40.29, Ian Monroe escreveu:
>> >> 2009/11/23 Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde.org>:
>> >> > Em Segunda-feira 23 Novembro 2009, às 19:19:31, Martin Sandsmark
> escreveu:
>> >> >>  Mandag 23. november 2009 19.07.35 skrev Thiago Macieira :
>> >> >> > There have been lots of changes made to phonon-ds9 since July,
>> >> >> > including bugfixes.
>> >> >> >
>> >> >> > It's hardly unmaintained.
>> >> >>
>> >> >> Where? I can't see anyone committing to the ds9 backend in Phonon's
>> >> >> trunk, apart from Scripty, the last 10 months.
>> >> >
>> >> > In Qt, in src/3rdparty/phonon/ds9.
>> >> >
>> >> > Justin and Thierry have already made the patches and agreed to push to
>> >> > KDE. Will probably happen when 4.6 is out and we have time.
>> >>
>> >> Whats the point of having it in SVN at all if it just results in
>> >>  misinformation.
>> >
>> > All those patches should have been developed in SVN, I agree with you.
>> > Unfortunately, SVN is a lot more cumbersome to develop than Git. And not
>> > all developers who made fixes have SVN accounts.
>> >
>> > So it's being developed like WebKit: some changes upstream (SVN), some
>> > changes in Qt (Git). Then someone has to do the merge. However, unlike
>> > WebKit, no one has set up a good system for doing merges properly, nor
>> > taken the responsibility of doing this periodically.
>> But Webkit is a broader development community with its own release
>> cycle issues, other maintainers etc etc.
> And that doesn't match Phonon how?
>> Keeping the Qt backends in SVN has no apparent benefit.
> Really? So the Windows and Mac users who build Phonon from SVN or from
> packages don't count?

Um, they should use Qt since thats where the most up-to-date code
apparently anyways.

And when did svn.kde.org turn into a subversion mirror for
qt.gitorious.org? But a really bad mirror thats months out of date.

I mean I could see the reverse working: Nokia devs works in upstream
(eg the KDE repo) and then copy it over to the Qt repo when they want
to make a release. It would make development more open. Its basically
how it works with Phonon itself. But the current system for these
backends just makes things confusing and really doesn't have any

If someone wants to patch gst, ds9 or qt7 they would just do a merge
request at Gitorious, doesn't seem so hard.

One thing to keep in mind is that Martin does plan on putting Phonon
into Git. Though frankly Qt Software loves multiple git repos I doubt
that would change your habits.

> PS: webkit doesn't have release cycles at all, so it doesn't have issues with
> it.

Ok, products that use webkit do have release cycles. I remember Ariya
saying they had to wrestle with this. In that situation running your
own branch is absolutely required. But Qt is the only group making
releases of the Nokia phonon backends.


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