JuK - reason for starting as a background process?

Georg Grabler ggrabler at gmail.com
Mon May 11 11:39:14 BST 2009

Hi guys,

Is there any reason why JuK is started in the "background" (sorry, don't
know the correct wording here, simply that you keep control of your shell)?
I havn't seen any other KDE application doing so, and I'm currently having
problems tracking the most nasty bug in JuK I currently experience (crashing
with dbus sometimes for some reason I don't know), because gdb always thinks
the application quit. Probably because I'm lazy using qtcreator (until
kdevelop fits my needs again at least), because I can't really control gdb
in shell - always needed a tool for it ;-).

Do we actually need launching juk in background?

Kind regards,
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