2009 introspective

Michael Pyne mpyne at purinchu.net
Fri May 8 03:54:32 BST 2009

On Monday 04 May 2009 15:55:10 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
For JuK:

> * What have been the defining achievements in the last year?

* Much fewer crashes.  Especially nice is that many crashes present since even 
KDE 3 have been fixed.
* A lot of the initial porting glitches have been corrected since 4.0 was 
released, including file renamer.
* Many cover art improvements.  The cover manager is still crap but there's a 
lot of fixes besides: Covers aren't converted needlessly to PNG, more cover 
types are supported, and .mp3 files with built-in cover art (such as from 
amazon.com) work just fine.
* A bit of optimization work although it could still be better.

> * What are the main focus points and or goals for the project in 2009?
* Get rid of qt3support based code (notably K3TreeView).
* Add more metadata (i.e. time added, times played, times skipped, etc.)  This 
would probably be via using a "real" database instead of QDataStream to manage 
the track cache though.
* Get more contributors.  Both main coders  have very time-intensive day jobs 
and therefore feature development and bug fixing have slowed almost to a crawl.

> * What are the major pain points in your project right now?

* The track cache is not very extensible, therefore there's a lot of useful 
metadata which simply isn't tracked because it would mean changing the format.  
In addition it is probably much slower than using a real DB.
* Using K3TreeView entails a lot of manual pointer tracking.  Switching over 
to a model/view type of situation would be ideal, even if it isn't based on 
* Many features still remain to be fully ported.  For instance, "burn with 
k3b", MusicBrainz, etc.
* Global shortcuts + multimedia keys don't seem to work very well at all, even 
this late into KDE 4.

> * Outside of the core libs (kdecore, kdeui, kio, kfile) what are the most
> critical pieces of KDE technologies that your project is relying on?


 - Michael Pyne
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