review done for video thumbnailer (mplayerthumbs)

Tom Albers toma at
Sat May 2 01:38:33 BST 2009

Op Thursday 23 April 2009 13:03 schreef u:
> Hi all!
> With the lastest commit on phonon and mplayerthumbs i implemented phonon
> support for video thumbnails, enabling then MPlayerThumbs to work using
> Phonon.
> Currently the backend selection is configurable with a standalone
> application (the default is phonon, anyway), together with some advanced
> parameters.
> I would propose to move it from kdereview to kdemultimedia, if everybody
> agrees.
> Also, i'd think changing the name (just "videothumbnail"?)


Nobody on kde-core-devel objected. Feel free to move it (as soon as possible please) to kdemultimedia.

KDE Developer

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