phonon-gstreamer upstream candidate patches

Jens Bache-Wiig jbache at
Thu Mar 19 12:51:03 GMT 2009

Hi and thanks for the patches. I pushed the first one into KDE/trunk and Qt 
already as it seems like a simple and obvious improvement. The other two are 
large enough
that I'd like to know if you want any particular copyright information to 
show in the headers
before I consider integrating them.


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Subject: phonon-gstreamer upstream candidate patches

> Hi Jens and kde multimedia people
> We're shipping gstreamer as default phonon backend at Mandriva and we have
> three patches that are candidate to upstream, none distro specific, the 
> missing
> plugin one could have some help if any of you could take a look..
> Detailing:
> - phonon-4.3.1-set-glib-applications ->  set the real name application in 
> the
> glib loop. This is 100% safe and lead to servers like pulseaudio show the
> application real name volume slider.
> Was done by coling at
> - phonon-4.3.1-stream-extract-metadata.patch -> extract the stream data 
> for
> present in programs like amarok, or xmms. In case of radio streams, song 
> name
> change often, and with stock  phonon-gstreamer, just the first song name 
> is
> shown and get stucked forever.
> Was done by coling at
> -  phonon-4.3.1-plugin-api -> gstreamer itself enables the capability to 
> be
> compiled with a helper for install third party plugins, using a standard 
> api
> and not need any command or any specific application. Distros can choose 
> which
> helper app will use without need of change base code ( for example, 
> Mandriva
> is using Codeina ).
> For compile, i added a define on CMake turned on by default for now that
> enables the api be compiled.
> What current code lacks is a proper user notification that a plugin 
> install
> helper will appears. I didn't found a best way to explicit tell user at 
> exact
> moment when async dialog is called.
> This was done by me.
> Thanks in advance and appreciate any input.
> -- 
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