Qt 4.5 and Phonon best practice

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Fri Feb 20 17:48:55 GMT 2009

I wonder if other packagers can share their experience with Qt 4.5 and
phonon.  At Kubuntu we currently build phonon from the standalone
releases but now that Qt itself uses phonon (for webkit) it needs
something to compile against.  

Strangely there's no -use-system-phonon switch so the options I see
are to 1) compile Qt against its own 3rdparty phonon and but no
install that and continute to use the separately compiled phonon
(seems like a bad idea) or 2) switch to using Qt's phonon in which
case we'd have to package at least the xine backend separately.

HTML5 <video> (in Arora) now works but only with the gstreamer backend, Xine
backend has sound only but blank video.  But the Amarok people insist
that the GStreamer backend is buggy and should never be used.

So should we pressure qt into adding a -use-system-phonon option or
should I just switch to the Qt phonon.  And do people have similar
experiences of HTML5 with Xine vs gstreamer?


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