Visualization issue of Phonon

kan li xiaoshuo2008 at
Mon Apr 27 03:30:00 BST 2009


      I am trying to find a way to show visualization effect by phonon
library. I notice that there is a audiodataoutput class in the experimental
of phonon codes tree.

      I used  createPath method to create some relationship between a
mediaobject and a audiodatapoutput, it is ok for complied.But when the audio
player is ruuning,

 the warning messege show that

     "WARNING: Phonon::createPath: Cannot connect  Phonon::MediaObject ( no
objectName ) to  Phonon::Experimental::AudioDataOutput ( no objectName ). "

     I check the source codes in the
experimental/tests/audiodataoutputtest.cpp , It gives me the same codes  ...

     Is there somebody have touched  this function ?  can you help me out ?

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