Seekslider not working for VDR recordings files with Xine backend

Philipp Müller philipp.mueller at
Wed Oct 15 11:35:19 BST 2008


I'm writing a Qt based client for the VDR / Vomp video disc recorder 
See and

So far it works ok, I can watch live-tv, watch recordings etc.
_Thanks_ to your hard work on Phonon, it was so easy to get everything 

Now I have one issue.
VDR records the live-tv in a "special" MPEG2 format. This format is 
within spec, but the spec is somewhat flexible - as far as I understood.
The sideeffect is that e.g. the gstreamer backend cannot play the files 
or live-tv at all, on MacOs and Windows it doesn't work either.
But Xine backend can do it, playing live-tv and recordings. :-) I'm 
pretty much sure the VLC backend will do it as well.

Now to the issue I have:
When playing the recording the Phonon::SeekSlider is not working. It can 
only jump to the beginning of the file.
If I open the file in DragonPlayer it doesn't work either, so it is an 
issue on Phonon side.
But in case I open the file in Xine directly, the Xine built in slider 
works - so basically Xine knows how to seek within the file.

Having a recording w/o the possibility to search/jump is really a bad 
I would really like to check here also the code of Phonon in order to 
fix it, but would need some help here:
A) How to get a phonon compile environment w/o breaking my running 
installation (Lenny with KDE 4.1 packages)?
B) How to switch/reload the phonon libraries after recompilation?
C) How to get debugging output in an easy way (I have never worked with 

Some hints would really help me getting a fix for it.

In case someone else would also like to help here, I could send a sample 
(around 2MB of a 1 minute radio recording - it has the same file format).

Thanks for your help in advance,


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