KDE Platform Plugin : explanations

Jean-Jacques FINAZZI mrjay01 at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Nov 24 10:52:25 GMT 2008


Please, could someone explain to me what the « KDE Platform Plugin » is 
in Phonon (or point me out the page or documentation chapter where it's 
explained) ?

I need to understand what it is, in order to be able to translate this 
expression in KDE (I'm a member of the french internationalization 
team), in the phonon-xine.po PO file.

I've looked at this mailing list archive and on the 
http://phonon.kde.org website (and of course on the Web), but I didn't 
understand what the « Platform Plugin » is or haven't found explanations 
about it. I tried to ask the question on the #phonon IRC channel too 
(and on my internationalization mailing list), but I unfortunately got 
no (good) answer yet.

Thanks in advance for your kind answers :)

Cheers ;)
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