[Bug 122524] kio_audiocd status update affects audio CD playback

Tobias ulbricht.tobias at web.de
Thu May 15 22:26:14 BST 2008

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I still have an (maybe the same) problem.
1. kscd/cdplay stops playing not using digital playback
2. kscd has skips (~100ms) using digital playback
3. beside the source code, it is very hard to find documentation about kio_audiocd. Is there any?

* It seems kio_audiocd is gathering information from the optical drive.
* kscd stops playing, at the same time kio_audiocd disappears automatically from the process list. Thus kio_audiocd seems to stop the playback when it quits itself.

* Kubuntu, happened in all releases since I installed it, from 5.10 (breezy badger) to 8.04 (hardy heron, KDE3)
* The non-digital playback also stops using cdplay from the cdtools package, so kscd is not the problem.
* The digital playback on amarok works. 
* I surveilled access to /dev/scd0 using lsof:
* I can view kio_audiocd at work, if I start another kdeinit in a console.
* On cdclose, kio_audiocd does:
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/lib/kde3/libaudiocd_encoder_flac.so: undefined symbol: create_audiocd_encoders
Checking /dev/scd0 for cdrom...
        Testing /dev/scd0 for SCSI/MMC interface
                SG_IO device: /dev/scd0

CDROM model sensed sensed: _NEC DVD_RW ND-3520AW 3.07

Checking for SCSI emulation...
        Drive is ATAPI (using SG_IO host adaptor emulation)

Checking for MMC style command set...
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/lib/kde3/libaudiocd_encoder_flac.so: undefined symbol: create_audiocd_encoders
        Drive is MMC style
        DMA scatter/gather table entries: 1
        table entry size: 131072 bytes
        maximum theoretical transfer: 55 sectors
        Setting default read size to 13 sectors (30576 bytes).

Verifying CDDA command set...
Checking /dev/scd0 for cdrom...
        Testing /dev/scd0 for SCSI/MMC interface

Does not help:
* setting /dev/scd0 from 660 to 440 

* Under control center service administration I can disable the KDE(d?) service mediaadministration (which surveils media:/ mount/umount etc.) then the symptoms are completely gone. Also no kio_audiocds are spawned (Thus it makes sense to say kio_audiocd is the evil).
* Above does not help the skipping in the digital playback. Thus kscd seems to be the evil with digital playback.

If there is anything one can do, can you please help me, e.g.
* How to disable kio_audiocd completely and not disabling the whole media:/ handling...
* How to configure behaviour of kio_audiocd (systemwide)?

Grateful for any response, 

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