Phonon VLC and MPlayer backends 0.1.0

Vlad vladc6 at
Fri May 16 14:44:07 BST 2008


--- Tanguy Krotoff <tkrotoff at> wrote:
> phonon-vlc-mplayer-0.1.0 released!
> Here is the link to download phonon-vlc-mplayer-0.1.0:
> Get the right package, install latest MPlayer & VLC-0.9 then run the
> examples.
> I recommend mediaplayer in general and multiplevideoplayer for
> chapters/titles/subtitles (MPlayer backend only).
> For the Windows setup, you need to install the Microsoft Visual C++
> 2005 Redistributable Package:
> By default it is the MPlayer backend that is used, if you want to
> use
> the VLC backend, just delete phonon_backend/phonon_mplayer.(dll|so)
> For the source package, do a svn checkout of revision 150.
> The Phonon library given in the package is a patched version with
> better titles/chapters handling. phonon-vlc-mplayer is of course
> compatible with latest Phonon SVN with a simple #define
> Any comment is more than welcome!

Wonderful news! Now KDE and Qt apps can use backends like MPlayer and
VLC to play just about anything on any platform!

A couple of years ago Allan Sandfeld Jensen (carewolf) created a
Phonon backend to FFmpeg called AvKode, which he claimed was
lightweight and allowed for easy addition of encoding and capture
functionality. Have you taken a look at that? AvKode plus a PulseAudio
sink would be a killer on Linux, BSDs and Solaris.

It would also be great if your patches to the Phonon library could be
submitted to the KDE SVN so that they are picked up by distros when
they update Qt.


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